Why people use iTools more than iTunes

Some people wonder that why most of people use another program by apple like iTools more than iTunes and why people don’t like to use iTunes

Is it hard to use ? or People don’t know how to use iTools ?
This is my opinion about why people use iTools more than iTune
-iTune is the best equipment manager program and safest program because it is created by developer but it don’t be easy and facile to use
Most people would like to use easy program like just click, past,copy,input ,output
That is one reason why people use itools more than iTunes
People don’t have information about iTune enough for amature people who just use iTunes they will so confused about this program that how to syne, how to connection, or how to back up
Even though people use iTools for manage equipment but people still use iTune because they can’t use iTools for download applications
-people use iTunes for download music, movie ,make ringtone , back up data if people use itools
it’s easier
but iTools has some disadvantage because it don’t has thai language to use (but it has thai Patch )and update version like iTune is so slow and some equipment can’t work
people still use iTune like main peogram and use iTools like supplementary program for ficilities work
Don’t judge program which one Good or not?
Just use program that is safe and easy
My opinion about iTune is ok but it’s a complex program for people .some people don’t know how to use program and confuse because some of them who had ever use and who have never use will think it’s hard to use
When another program that easier to use (for download, music,movie or make ringtone just just click copy past input-putput so easy) people will use that program
But iTune also can conveniently if we know and understand this program enough
We have to use this program everyday or we offen use this program research information about iTune from internet
There have a lot of data about how to use iTunes
If we are know and understand how to use iTune then we don’t need to use iTools or another program anymore because iTune has program and function enough