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iTools For Windows free download 2014: iTools is a free file and apps manager and synchronous assistant for your iDevices iphone, ipad, ipod touch
Advantages of iTools 2014 Free Download
What are iTools? People who are used to iTunes will find iTools even more efficient. iTools is a file management tool that is compatible with iOS, Mac OS X and Windows. You will be able to use this application on your PC as well as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iTools has much more functionality that iTunes. This file management will provide everything and much more than what you used to get from iFunBox but with a simpler user friendly interface.

This application has been developed by a Chinese company called ThinkSky. It is available in various versions French, Russian, English and of course Chinese. In fact even if you are using an English version of the iTools you might come across some of the Chinese letters under certain logos. The biggest selling point of this product is that it is compatible with both Apple’s operating system and Windows operating system. This creates a huge user market for the application. Managing all your files in your PC or Smartphone, data transfer, information backup and troubleshooting is far simpler and easier with this application.

Another reason why iTools is so popular among the users is because it is a standalone tool. This application does not require an installation or any system to operate. You could easily download this file manager in a USB thumb drive and carry it along with you for using it anywhere and everywhere.

iTools2014Features of iTools
If you have been using iTunes and iFunBox then you will find the iTools extremely easy to use. They have a very similar user interface and application management system. But the iTools applications are far more advanced with better utility. Here is a look at the features of iTools.

The applications tab on the top of the menu will provide you details about all the applications and shared documents that you have in the device. All the installed applications, shared documents and iCloud contents will be displayed here. You will be able to easily uninstall or update the applications from here. Here you will also be able to create back up for any and every application, file or document that you have in the system.

iTune users are aware of this tab where you could manage all your music and video files. iTools is a much better version of the same. Here you will be able to import and export your music files, video files, podcasts, voice memos, playlists and ringtones. You will also be able to manage, create and delete your playlist according to your preference. The application is really fast and highly efficient.

Under the media tab you will find the photo tab. Just as the title suggests you will be able to manage all your photo files via this application. Import, export, display or delete your pictures and albums as per requirement.

Readers are going to love the books tab which will help you to manage all the books that you have stored in the device. You could make a list of all your books and store them accordingly, you could import any book, you could export books and you could also delete books to create more space for new books. All this could be easily done through the books tab.

Did you want an external hard drive to store some files and data for later use? iTools will provide you that facility by giving you the space to store any file under the storage tab. You could save all the files and documents that you want to and use them or organize them later in your own time.

Information is an extremely important tab where you could find all the details about your contacts. This is one tab that has details of the call history, massages, dates, meetings, calendar, notes and contacts. Along with accessing all the information you could also keep a back up of all this information. Important calls and massages could easily be kept in a backup in the iTools application without wasting space in your drive or iCloud.

Trouble shooting
Along with all these features you will have the facility to trouble shoot any problem related to the devise with the help of iTools. iTools will provide you with the facility of accessing the file system. This system was not available in iTunes. Here, if you could boot the device then you could trouble shoot the problem by getting into the file system and accessing the system with the help of this tool. Here is a look at some of the trouble shooting features;

Cleanup – this application cleans your system and removes any unnecessary junk
System log – this application will provide real time information about what is happening in the devise or any crashing application.
Open SSH – SSH is the connection between your devise and your computer.
Crash log – this application will help you to identify the individual crash logs of the system. You will be able to find out the reason for a crash or any application failure.
Shutdown – this will help you to shut down the system if your ‘power off’ button is not working.

iTools 2014

Advantages of iTools for Windows, iTools for Mac, iTools for iPhone

The biggest advantage of iTools is that it is compatible with Mac, iOS and Windows. Here is a look at some of the advantages of iTools.

– This is an extremely easy to use tool. Not everyone is a technologically inclined person but everyone uses a PC or Smartphone. Therefore it is very important to have a file management application that is user friendly.
– iTools has excellent data transfer speed. Today almost every data is being transferred via PC or phone. Therefore you need an application that will provide excellent data transfer speed.
– Excellent features that cover every aspect of file transfer, management, sharing, backup and troubleshooting. This application has everything that you need for smooth and safe functioning.
– Finally, click on the iTools 2014 free download tab so that you get a complete management system for your devise that too for free.