iTools English version Full English version Full Mobile devices that run on iOS have become very complex devices where people keep all kind of information. This is why it is useful to download an app that can help users access the content of their device in a fast way. This is exactly what iTools is all about. The application is full of tools and information related to your iDevice. According to some experts iTools provides more info about the device compared to iTunes.
Data Migrate
Support phone data migrating between iOS devices!
Fast Optimization
Clear customized caches and rubbish, and make data saferi Hunting Rarely used apps, release your device space !
Wireless Management
Say no to cable!
One of the things that make this application special is the frequency of its updates. The authors behind this project are constantly working on improvement of the features and overall user experience. There are many other similar applications out there, but none of them has so many useful features. The latest stable English version is iTools English version
Although this version requires a little bit more space (15 MB) on your iDevice, it is still relatively small. Just like the other version, iTools English version requires the installation of iTunes on your device in order to get access to the wanted content. Some of the standard features are still present in this version, but this one comes with some new features too.
First of all, iTools English version provides Data Migrate feature. Apple Inc. has produced several different iOS-based devices and sometimes people find difficult to remember where they have saved the files. With the help of iTools English version you can easily migrate phone data between all iOS devices. In other words, with just a couple of clicks you can transfer music and images from your iPad to your iPhone and vice versa. The entire process is simple and stable.
Another feature that makes iTools so popular is the opportunity to optimize any iDevice fast. It is very easy to clutter the device with unused data and traces of some uninstalled apps. On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult to locate and remove these files that can slow down your device and affect its performance after a certain period of time. This is where iTools comes into play. iTools English version allows users to eliminate customized caches and junk and protect the important data on their device. With its help you can identify the apps that you use rarely (or apps that were never used) and you can free up some space and ultimately improve the performance.
Of course, the ability to use the desktop of your computer to manage your device’s apps is another big plus for this application. Instead of wasting time on your mobile device, use the help of your desktop or laptop computer to analyze and optimize your mobile device. iTools English version uses drag-and-drop technique.
iTools English version also has few other useful features like ringtone maker, super backup, super restore, real-time log, file explorer, crash log, firmware downloader, battery master and flush wizard. All these features are here to provide the best user experience on any iDevice.